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There will be more options for toy shoppers as they look to buy travel games come Spring 2008. The SQUIGGLE series is growing as four new On-The-Go activity pads will be introduced. The new line, SQUIGGLE Nature, will include: SQUIGGLE Barnyard, SQUIGGLE Ocean, SQUIGGLE Outdoors and SQUIGGLE Safari.

RandomLine's newest On-The-Go's will appeal to children who love animals and love to draw. Beautiful and vibrant graphics will attract attention while the squiggle concept remains simple. Spin the wheel and transform the pre-printed squiggly line into the animal, insect or sea creature you landed on. "It’s fascinating to see what children create from a squiggle and the level of detail they use to make a picture come to life", says creator John Kiely.


The On-The-Go Nature line will open doors to new markets for RandomLine, including zoos, aquariums, amusement parks and museum gift shops while also capturing the "goodie-bag" buyers. The Nature line will significantly increase and strengthen the RandomLine SQUIGGLE brand. Each pad has 100 unique squiggles and will retail for $4.99. Look for these creative activity pads on store shelves this Spring 2008.

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