Our Educational activity pads make the perfect learning tool. They keep kids engaged, entertained and using their imagination. Ideal for quick trips to school or a short wait in the doctors office. Choose from 3 educational titles that range from ages 4 and up. Our "Just For Fun" creative drawing pads make the perfect travel companion to keep kids engaged and using their imagination. These drawing pads are fun to play individually or in groups. Choose from 5 titles that range from ages 5 and up.
Our Themed squiggle pads are ideal for kids who have an interest in animals, sports, fashion, vehicles and more. These pads promote learning and encourage research. They are our # 1 goodie-bag item. Choose from 6 titles that range from ages 5 and up. Our Zippidy Doodle pads are ideal for kids to start their creative journey. Ages 4 and up.


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