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At RandomLine, we believe that doodling fuels creativity . . .  it's like a "super-food" for the mind and everyone needs it. Doodling was once thought of as a mindless activity, but studies are now showing the opposite results. Not only is it linked to helping one remember it can also inspire creativity.  Everyone is capable of doodling, creating his or her own masterpiece, and the line of SQUIGGLE activity pads and games is a simple vehicle to make that happen. We believe that doodling brings enjoyment and satisfaction while helping to unlock the creative genius inside.   

We know you'll enjoy and be surprised when you open up your first SQUIGGLE doodle pad or game and see what you can do with your creative mind. Have fun playing with all of our games, creative doodle pads and activity pads. Becoming a lifelong squiggler will increase your brain power and memory as well as offering a creative outlet that everyone needs once in a while!  

Keep on doodling . . . or squiggling as we call it.


What is a squiggle anyway?
(skwĭg′əl) n. A small wiggly mark or scrawl.

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Spin and Seek Activities


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